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Jib Crane Truck: Uses and Features

A crane truck is one that, in addition to the chassis, has a crane to facilitate loading and unloading. To talk about a crane truck is to talk about an indispensable vehicle in the construction sector. For its part, the boom crane truck adds a tool designed for lifting, loading and unloading all types of parts and materials to and from the vehicle itself. The peculiarity that the boom brings to a crane truck is to increase the load and lift capacity of the materials.

Features of crane truck boom

  • The boom truck has been designed to lift, transport, load and unload all types of loads easily and safely.
  • It can be installed in the cabin itself or at the rear of the truck.
  • There are boom crane trucks of different sizes and load capacities.

The characteristic feature of the boom truck compared to other crane trucks is that, in addition to being able to assemble high-tonnage parts and machinery, it is also capable of lifting them to great heights to facilitate the construction and reconstruction of buildings of various heights.

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Jib Crane Truck: Most Common Uses

Depending on the needs you want to cover, you will find a variety of boom crane trucks, each with its characteristics and peculiarities, from which to choose and which will be interesting to consider. Among the most common uses of the boom crane trucks are:

Truck crane boom in construction:

It is used to lift significant loads at high altitude, machinery or high tonnage parts from the ground to the different levels of a building under construction.

Truck crane boom in logistics:

It can be used to transport or lift, for example, industrial containers of large size and weight.

Truck crane boom to rescue people or vehicles:

Depending on the use that will occur, you can choose a crane truck with one or the other characteristics. The differences will be in the load capacity, the resistance, the volume of the vehicle, the tonnage that it supports. Whatever the use you want to give to the boom truck, what is clear is that you talk about a vehicle with which you are going to be able to enjoy the full power of a truck with the greatest possibilities of cranes, all integrated into a single-vehicle.

Where can you rent a boom crane truck?

Do you need a boom crane truck to carry out your next project? Renting a boom truck for specific jobs is a great idea to save, both in the acquisition of a vehicle with these characteristics and in its maintenance. You can search for a trusted company on Google who is renting boom crane trucks where you can find a wide variety of crane trucks and professional machinery, aimed at both companies and individuals. Discover the fleet of trucks and find out more about buying industrial equipment at a good price the best that suits your needs.