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Custom wheels or aftermarket wheels are tailored to suit the needs of your vehicle in terms of size and appearance. These wheels come with easy to install procedures and do not require any kind of adjustment to suit both your needs and those of your vehicle. The functionalities of all aftermarket rims work in tandem with the wheel applications of the designated vehicles and need not be modified to fit in the wheel applications of the designated vehicles. The use of custom wheels for your vehicle comes with a multitude of benefits among them, enhanced wheel performance, rapid suspension response, and brake cooling and faster acceleration. If you are looking for wheels that will suit the needs of your vehicle, consider custom rims from When one is looking for wheels online, price becomes a very important factor as it determines the type of wheels that one will buy. Many buyers will go for cheap wheels or cheap rims that meet their requirements as far as their vehicles are concerned while others prefer looking for discount wheels. At we offer a wide range of cheap wheels. We ensure we provide brands that take care of the needs of your vehicle while at the same time ensuring we do not empty your pocket. We have discount rims to fit your vehicle needs both in terms of quality as well as in performance. This ensures everyone gets the wheels they need at pocket friendly prices. Some of the brands that we carry include: TSW, Asanti, Lexani, MRR, Mandrus, Victor Equipment, Drag, Konig, Level 8, Fuel Offroad, Elite and Cray wheels. Due to their cute appearance, the performance benefits of custom rims should always provide the answer when it comes to the search for elegant rims. In the late 50s, light magnesium wheels were the norm of racing drivers, as they were able to boost performance due to their lightweight. The problem was that magnesium was very delicate and easily oxidized and therefore they had to be polished too often. Magnesium rims that are in use today have to undergo forging to ensure they come out strong and lighter in nature and this usually impacts on the price of these rims. Due to the problem of oxidization, contemporary custom rims made of magnesium are not common today.Luckily, today the market is filled with light aluminum alloy rims developed for the custom wheel enthusiasts. These wheels are made to offer the strength required and sport numerous finish options. They are designed to provide strength while at the same time boosting rolling capacity as they come in a lighter weight. Some of the trendy finishes on offer include chrome, painted aluminum alloy, as well as polished aluminum. They are also available in gray, hyper silver, Anthracite, black and white. Although the choice of aftermarket custom rims is based on their stylish looks for many buyers, a host of performance benefits emanate from the process of cutting on the weight of a rim in comparison to factory steel wheels. If you are looking for custom rims online in Canada, you will find a host of aftermarket rims from at very competitive prices. The extra strength of an aftermarket alloy rim can significantly lessen tire deflection as well as its rolling capacity when negotiating corners. Brake cooling is also enhanced when using custom alloy rims due to the ability of aluminum to conduct heat. Heat is dissipated from the brakes courtesy of the aluminum wheel large mass. With custom rims coming with either the 5-spoke or the 6-spoke, design which opens the wheel to more airflow thus cooling the brakes as one drives. The lightweight of custom aluminum alloy rims compared to factory steel rims comes out as an integral factor when talking about the road holding capacity of cars, SUVs and trucks. Weight reduction in custom or aftermarket rims boosts acceleration, as well as braking ability. Care needs to be taken not to design a wheel that is heavier than that of the original wheel, which could reverse the effects by designing bigger rims, or gravity cast aluminum alloy rims that cost less but are susceptible to bending. Buyers looking for aluminum alloy rims in Canada should go for the low-pressure cast or the forged rims. Although they will cost you more, they are light in weight and offer more strength to your vehicle. is a Canadian based dealer selling custom rims at pocket friendly prices. You will find different styles and sizes from our site. It’s worth noting that any sizing of rims will definitely result to more weight hence the need to ensure that plus sizing is done in the right way. When one uses a larger diameter wheel together with a low profile tire, it becomes easier to sustain the total original diameter of your wheel and tire. It’s advisable that your new aftermarket rim maintains a range of 3 percent to the original equipment as any differences exceeding that range will result to transmission shifts problems thus decreasing fuel mileage. Besides that, this can also bring confusion in the system of the braking computers, decrease ride comfort and impact negatively on cornering ability. You should go for wider and not taller-wheel to tire diameter, as these will result to a larger contact patch and a sporty look. Customizing the rims of your vehicle to suit, the needs of your vehicle not only give it the look of the moment but also set it apart from the others. Custom-made rims are meant to serve that purpose to the fullest. If you are in search of custom-made rims in Canada, a visit to offers you the option of choosing among the many brands on offer. All our prices are inclusive of shipping charges and no hidden charges are included in the marked prices. You can make use of the wheel visualizer to check the appearance of your vehicle when it is fitted with the rims you want to purchase. You can also ask our customer service agents on the site to help you find the wheel you need. We also have a FAQs segment where all your questions concerning our services are answered.